add a pop to your pad + a boom to your room...


With a lampshade that says!


let us make you a lampshade that says YOU! 

what can a lampshade do for you?

A bright coloured lampshade doth maketh a room.... famous quote by famous person a long time ago.
Two Shady Ladies are super talented & take all the overwhelming decision making away from you or will work with your ideas & produce a masterpiece. My enormous lampshade is admired by everyone as soon as they enter the room. I love it.

- Pip from Perth Hills

Ohmigod!  You are so, so, so, sooooo clever!!! My lampshade is FABULOUS!!! And so pretty!! Absolutely love the pattern - it makes me smile! So when I am in my kitchen I can see my pink one and my blue one in the hallway!  I think I am actually addicted to your lampshade! Love love love them!  Thank you so so much!!!  Now, where can I put the next one?!!  

- Tracey from Darlington

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