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what a lampshade can do for you!

Let's set the scene...

Spotlight on Two Shady Ladies lampshade in lounge room.

Camera rolls on Person One...


Person One enters room and claps eyes on said Two Shady Ladies lampshade. Person One exclaims to Person Two [using excited and expressive voice]: 


"Oh wow!"

"Where did you get that lampshade?"

"Oh I just love this space - that lampshade is amazing!" 

"What a difference to the room with that lamp... the fabric is so gorgeous!


Camera pans to Person Two...

Person Two states to Person One [using excited and very happy voice]:

"I know! I never get sick of looking at my Two Shady Ladies lampshade - it's like a work of art".  

"It really has changed the whole feel of my room. Who would think a single lamp could make such a difference to the feel of a room?"

CUT! END OF SCENE... rolling credits...

So you see, there is no better way to add some magic to a room than with the addition of a fabulous, pad-popping, heart-stopping lampshade!  It's one of the few items in a room, of an evening, that you can see & demands to be noticed.  

A glorious lamp can can add a splash of colour, a sprinkle of magic, a pop of fun. It adds texture & an extra dimension to make the room come alive.  


A new lampshade is an easy way to transform a room & create change. Go on treat yourself!! It's an investment in your happiness that you just won't regret!

  • Do you have a lamp base you just can't find the right shade for?

  • Do you have a bedroom that could do with spot of oo-la-la?

  • Do you have a dining room that's crying out for a fabulous pop of colour above the table?

  • Do you want that special lampshade for a child's room that you won't find elsewhere?

Two Shady Ladies to the rescue!...





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