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hello, hello...

Our story starts, long, long ago when we locked eyes across a smoky dance floor. George Michael's Careless Whispers was playing and as the smoke parted, we ran towards each other in slow motion wearing matching pink, shot-taffeta & white sling backs...

Well, actually, the year we met was, in fact 2007 & the location was the grassed area, outside Darlington Hall, in Perth's Hills.


Prior to our 'formal introduction', we had had a couple of different friends telling each of us, on numerous occasions, that really we must meet... & so it was, our chance bumping that fateful summer's day & the rest, as they say, is history.


Since then, we've managed one well co-ordinated pregnancy & birth & together we've

experienced life's ups-and-downs, including the deaths of our beloved dads, only month's apart. We've had a whole lot of laughing but also, a whole lot of crying, & through this, we've been there for each other. Stable rocks, side-by-side.

And so, it came, one day: the idea, the vision, the creation; that is, Two Shady Ladies.  We were hanging out together, recreating a lampshade for one of our many Perth op-shop finds, when we had a revelation: maybe there were others out there who also couldn't find the right lampshade for their beloved lamps?  So from the idea, things did grow. We researched, sourced, practiced & then finally, we unveiled Two Shady Ladies in 2019.  

We want you to know, that like our friendship, each lampshade is made with care, love, time & fun. We truly love getting together to create custom made lampshades we hope fill your homes with each of the things that make up our friendship: fun, laughter, love & colour.

Em + Lu

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